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Work- Life Balance
Prioritize both your career, family and your health.
More Energy
Gain time to spend on different goals in life because of your increased energy level.
Improved mobility
Have the ability to move more freely and easily.
Increased Strength
Gain real functional strength in both your upper- and lower body (making it easier to carry, run, play with your children)
Sustainable results
Maintain the results you achieve because of the education you receive.

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These days we move less and sit more inside. We feel entangled in work, family, many obligations and the need to prioritize our health. It’s a challenge to combine it all. You might start to feel like you struggle with your physical endurance, start to feel limited when playing with your children or simply feel like you don’t have the time to train anymore. 

This affects your energy level, the mobility of your body and lowers your efficiency in daily life. Together we can work towards an optimal work – life balance where your physical development stimulates your daily energy, allowing you to function at your best and with that will increase the quality in your daily actions.

Our method

The personal training includes body weight training & functional fitness. Together we focus on your mobility, endurance, functional strength, core strength and balance. This is just the start. Through education combined with personalized advice in nutrition and lifestyle.

You will become more in control of your own body, creating the body that supports you in your lifestyle.Together we make your change sustainable. And.. we do all of this close to your own home. I will come to any location near you. (in Amsterdam)

A clear mind
in a strong body
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SEO + Audits
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Because You deserve peak performance.

Personal plans

As part of all of my training programs, you’ll work one-on-one with me as your nutrition coach to develop a plan that meets you where you’re starting, no matter what your goal or your experience level is.

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Motivation like you've never had before
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Human Potential Program

Complete Transformation
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we invest in your health.

Nice to meet you

My name is Bassourama Koné. I am an elite trainer specialized in bodyweight training & functional fitness. I am also a master trainer at our national calisthenics institution (COI) where I educate other trainers.

My focus of the last 5 years has been on building my knowledge and capabilities towards one goal… guiding you step by step to reach your physical goals, optimize your wellbeing and expand your knowledge of effectively supporting your own physical state. Through training & education.

High studio's & David de fotograaf

What they say about me

I have been doing strength training / fitness for over 40 years, 5 times a week, while I keep a close eye on my food and also try to find a balance between work and private life.

Still, I noticed that I was less flexible than before and it took some effort to achieve the last bit of definition. For the past two months I have had personal training from Bassourama Koné once a week.
With him I work on optimizing my flexibility and mobility. The personal approach, the exercises personalized for me and thorough nutritional advice have already made a big difference for me in these two months.

My energy level has increased, I am more mobile and I also suffer less from injuries. Adding his exercises to my gym workouts has also improved my performance and results there. The weekly sessions are a challenge every time and result in a feeling of satisfaction after training and an improvement in my mobility.

Ted Merk

Sales Director SAS

In januari 2021 word ik 60 jaar. Als voormalig wereldkampioen kickboksen en professioneel danseres weet ik hoe belangrijk bewegen is, maar ook om sterk te blijven zonder blessures op te lopen. Nu ik in mijn werk als psycholoog veel zit kan het soms zijn dat ik bij training over een grens kan gaan. Met de inspirerende trainingen van Bassou blijf ik vooral flexibel en zit ik goed in mijn vel. Ik train nu anders, het kost minder tijd, ervaar meer energie en verlies gewicht zonder aan kracht in te leveren. Een gezond en gespierd lichaam en toch kunnen genieten van de goede dingen van het leven.

Saskia van Rijswijk

Psycholoog/Mental Coach

The collaboration with Bassou was great! I wanted to stay fit in Corona time and then started training with Bass, which turned out to be a very good step. Bassou knows what he is doing and helps you go beyond boundaries you never thought possible. Mindset is an important part of training and we really tackled this together. I always liked the training sessions and Bassou was able to motivate me well, even on the lesser days.

The results are very good in 3 months. I have lost a few pounds, but also became a lot stronger + more flexible. I would recommend training with Bassou to everyone, because it gets the best out of you and training together is really fun. Great challenges in the workouts and always a smile on his face!

Jaime Linde

Dj / Producer – CEO

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I believe in people, I believe in constant development, I believe that life is better when we strive, and I believe that pursuing a higher goal makes life more valuable. My passion and quality is to empower people with great ambitions in delivering atop performance every day. Move easier, feel energized and perform better.

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